Hello, Filmmaker.

Stay ahead of the pack.
Make videos no one else can.

Mikme is the revolution in sound that is going to power the next generation of viral Youtube videos. Cause Mikme is the way to detach the sound from your video recording device and put it anywhere you want.

Free your audio.
From the tyranny of a camera.

Say you want to record a skateboarder and you have your DSLR camera with a shotgun mic attached. As the Skateboarder moves, your have to follow him with the camera and track the sound to hear him at all. Skateboarder and sound constantly change position and thus, the sound levels go all over the place.

Even though the quality of the camera and the shotgun mic can be good, they'll always restrict your creativity and the type of video you could actually record.

Why? Because they are attached to each other!

With a Mikme, you're free to go. You can put the mic on the skateboarder and simply focus on getting the perfect shot – without worrying about sound levels or audio quality.

How it works:

The best Youtube stars make the best content. Beat them with the best audio in the game.

Why does Youtube preserve sound quality over video quality?

Because sound is more important to getting views. Watch the video by Mike Moyer to learn more:

. wireless

Connects to your iOS devices via own Bluetooth protocol for wireless audio recording, automatic video sync and remote control.

. 1 button

Recordings are controlled with a single button on the microphone. Start and stop, play back the last track or set the gain.

. 16 GB

Stores up to 360 hours of high fidelity audio on its built-in 16 GB memory. The recorder saves the raw .WAV or .M4A files.

. gold-plated

1" gold-plated true condenser capsule and an Analog to Digital conversion of 24 Bit/96 KHz to deliver studio-grade audio.

Tell stories in a way that no one else can. With Mikme.

The microphone is available starting at $249.

The free Mikme iOS App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.