Hello, Journalists.

Save valuable time.
With one button recordings.

The Mikme Microphone is a portable high-performance microphone & audio recorder that captures your creative moments at the push of a button. Mikme records studio-grade audio, streams it wirelessly to the Mikme App and syncs it with the iPhone video. For stories created with ease, published straight away.

Perfect solution for journalists and reporters:

. wireless

Connects to your iOS devices via own Bluetooth protocol for wireless audio recording, automatic video sync and remote control.

. 1 button

Recordings are controlled with a single button on the microphone. Start and stop, play back the last track or set the gain.

. 16 GB

Stores up to 360 hours of high fidelity audio on its built-in 16 GB memory. The recorder saves the raw .WAV or .M4A files.

. gold-plated

1" gold-plated true condenser capsule and an Analog to Digital conversion of 24 Bit/96 KHz to deliver studio-grade audio.

Create a piece.
With all its details.

The Mikme Microphone is the world's first audio recorder that uses a 1" gold-plated 48V phantom-powered capsule to record sound at its best. Capture speech clearly without loosing atmosphere sound. While the Mikme’s functional form factor makes it easy putting it in place, its unusual shape contributes to a more natural conversational environment. To reduce handling noises there is an integrated spider suspension.

Speech recorded with Mikme:

Record your next interview with ease. In studio-grade quality. Wirelessly. Everywhere.

Finish your story.
Instantly with our free App.

The Mikme Microphone connects to your iOS devices and wirelessly syncs audio and video. Use the phone’s camera for filming while recording with the microphone at the same time. The tracks are streamed to the Mikme Recording App via Mikme's patented Lost&Found Bluetooth protocol. Once you’re ready, use the built-in mixer, add effects and share your creation on the fly.

How Mikme works:

Just the two.
Cut the costs and cords.

Turn your equipment into a truly mobile one. From now on you only need your iPhone & a Mikme Microphone – instead of a sound card, a wireless receiver, an audio recorder, a smartphone, a phone rig and lots of cables. Mikme combines it all. It is portable, lightweight, fits nearly every pocket and works completely wireless. That gives you freedom to move. And to watch your story, not your steps.

Become a mobile pro.
With Mikme.

The microphone is available for $249 (Silver) and $399 (Gold).
The free Mikme iOS App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.