A mobile recording studio.

Imagine a truly portable recording studio that doesn't need cables and delivers high-class sound anywhere. That's Mikme, a one-touch wireless microphone & audio recorder.

Turn every place into your studio.

Travelling has become easy and affordable these days. Mostly, we don’t have much more than a backpack or at least luggage that fits the cabin with us. The less the better.

As musician, blogger, video maker, mobile journalist or any other kind of creative you also have to bring your recording gear that works best for the road. Cause you want to sing, film, report no matter where you’re travelling. So portability is key. But what about the quality of your mobile recordings?

A recording at a beach, done in an instant.

Ready, set up, go.

We at Mikme got that mobile quality issue covered. And built the Mikme Microphone to suit your limited space and challenging needs. It weighs just 162 g and comes as a small package of 7x7x3,5 cm.

While being truly portable, Mikme works wirelessly and records studio-quality sound at the same time. You find a 1 inch gold-plated phantom-powered condenser capsule inside, which is battery powered. We went quite unusual ways to make that happen. On top, you get a portable studio that also has an internal memory of 16GB – to make sure your recordings are save and sound along your trip.

This mobile recording studio always finds space in your bag. The Mikme Microphone is available starting at 249€ and weighs less than half a pound.

Different recording setups

The Mikme Microphone is a cardioid microphone. It picks up less sound from the sides and the rear but records clear sound from the selected position. That means it fits a variety of recording setting. From the beach, to the mountains, from the big city to your own four walls. Just one person talking to a group of people. It is all possible, even with just one Mikme Microphone.

Depending on the location and existing reverb you need to experiment a bit to find the best recording position of your mobile studio. Hold it close to your mouth to color your voice by using the proximity effect. Place it at distance to capture more ambience. Or lay it down on its back to get a spherical sound. Just make sure the gain is set properly.

Whatever your next travel destination is, with Mikme you're all set.

Want to learn more on how to set the gain?

On our support page you find more information as well as other topics related to our Mikme Microphone and the Mikme App.