How To Record in Stereo.

With Mikme you can also create stereo recordings. You just need a second Mikme Microphone. Learn more on how to record studio-grade stereo sound.

Why do I need stereo sound?

We perceive the environment with our two human ears. When recording stereo sound it is basically the same as we have two audible perspectives. In sounding rooms like a church stereo recordings help provide a full sound experience.

An orchestra rehearsal:

How can I record in stereo with Mikme?

By using 2 Mikme Microphones you can easily add another audible perspective to your recording and get stereo sound in studio-grade quality – anywhere, anytime.

Please note: Currently stereo recordings with Mikme are only possible when the microphone is used standalone. It does not yet work wirelessly via the Mikme Recording App.

The setup

There are different stereo recording techniques. To keep things simple you can start with the following setup:

1 Position the 2 Mikmes at a distance of ca. 15-30 cm.

2 Let each Mikme face a bit off axis with it's front towards the targeted sound source.

3 Set the microphones to a similar gain that works for your recording.

4 Start recording locally on both Mikmes by pushing the top button.

Quick Tip. Clap with your hands in the middle of both Mikmes. Then you see a peak in the middle of each recording, which helps matching both recordings afterwards.

5 Once you're done, transfer the files from each Mikme to your computer and import the files to Logic, Final Cut or another audio/video software.

That's it. You have a professional stereo recording ready to share or to match with your video.

Some ambient and nature sound recordings in stereo:

Want to know more?

Check our support page for more tips and tricks of how to do stereo recordings. You'll also find more information on other features of the Mikme Microphone and Recording App.