We are Mikme.
Passionate. Creative. Future-Thinking.

We are passionate about giving Creatives of all levels total freedom for their ideas by designing beautiful, simple to use and high-quality tools that capture creativity on the go.

. Teamwork

Mikme is designed in Austria and produced in Europe. Our team are engineers, musicians and designers from around the world. 

. Successful

Our team have built successful, world-class audio products – studio microphones, headphones, wireless microphones and Bluetooth speakers for companies such as AKG, JBL, Samsung, Audi and others.

. 15 years

On average, the team has 15 years of experience designing, engineering and marketing audio products. In sum, our team holds 80+ patents and has won 40+ design awards.

. Focus

Our focus is delivering tools that make the lives of artists, producers, and creatives more productive and fun.

Meet the team

Philipp Sonnleitner

CEO & Founder

Head visionary of Mikme.

A dedicated musician and idea generator, Philipp has worked for AKG as a Product Manager in the professional and consumer audio business, leading several product development teams.

Philipp on LinkedIn and Soundcloud.

Marc Planeck


Technical Lead.

Marc knows what it takes to develop outstanding software and hardware systems, and has worked as a diverse Software Engineer at AKG and elsewhere. Marc likes to power down with his band.

Matthias Maly-Persy

Senior Engineer Electronic System Design

Hardware Lead.

As an experienced hardware engineer and a musician, Matthias pushes our hardware electronics development forward. When he's not jamming he enjoys the time with his family and dog.

Laura Helm

Marketing Manager

Communications Pro.

Laura manages our Marketing projects. She has worked in the media, journalism and advertising industry and loves travelling, listening to some good tunes and mastering new languages.

Eva Sonnleitner

Finance & Service Administration

Finance Master.

Eva ensures Mikme runs on all pistons, keeping the business running. Eva likes going for a run, playing tennis and spending time with the family.

Marcel Kraft

Firmware Developer

Systems Software Expert.

Marcel is passionate as a creative and competent developer of our system software. He enjoys being outside, listening to some good (electronic) sounds and to puzzle out technical problems.

Gerrit Zeissl

Software Developer

iOS App Specialist.

Inspired by the world of video games, Gerrit pays high attention to a good UX and our App’s smooth workflow. He is an experienced software developer who also likes rough sports, big cars and music with high BPM.